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Mobile Applications

RhinoTheme adopts the latest mobile app development tools and technologies for intuitive mobile application development across various platforms and industry verticals. We proudly boast major expertise in mobile apps development, including high-level strategy, accurate planning, necessary research, business consulting, design, programming, testing, and training. Throughout this process, we remain clear and transparent to our clients.

RhinoTheme is expertise in developing native and hybrid mobile app design across the platforms to provide end-to-end mobility, like Android, iOS, and Windows. With a highly focused and innovative team of mobile app developers, we have successfully delivered hundreds of effective, efficient, and user-friendly mobile apps for our clients across the globe. Our strong UI / UX design capabilities and expertise in android app development and iOS app development and processes enable us to carry out Mobile Application Development for a wide range of industries and sectors. In addition, we have been delivering Enterprise Mobility Applications are designed to provide an advanced mobile solution for social networking, entertainment, business communication, and several other domains.

We aspire to achieve the client’s business objective by leveraging people, processes, and the latest technology. As a top-rated mobile app development company, we enable our clients to get desired mobile application built with great ease and reliability.

WordPress Theme Development

Are you looking for WordPress Theme Development Services in Nepal? RhinoTheme is the best Custom WordPress theme development company in Kathmandu, Nepal. We offer Custom WordPress themes, templates, Plugins, WordPress CMS, and best practices for development and WordPress Customization services. In addition, we create distinct robust WordPress Solutions that click and deliver better business results for you in the long haul.

Whether you require WordPress theme development or WordPress plugin development – Our WordPress Agency Kathmandu can provide it all. Our professionals are well-versed with the latest WordPress edition and have comprehensive experience in developing high-performance WordPress websites. In addition, we deliver end-to-end WordPress development solutions where our developers use attractive WordPress themes, templates, modules, and plugins to boost your WordPress website.

With our portfolio of 100+ websites, we can even integrate WordPress into your existing or static website. In addition, our Web Development Company can develop customer-centric website solutions that are customized according to our client’s requirements, including powerful template frameworks, manageable dashboards, and extensive plugin directories. To know more about RhinoTheme, check our website design portfolio or ask our expert.

If you are looking to engage a WordPress Development Company in Kathmandu, Nepal, there is no better solution than Rhino Theme. With an expert team of in-house WordPress developers based in Nepal. RhinoTheme serves clients in Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan, and the rest of the country with unparalleled competence and efficiency.

Domain Registration

With over 500+ Domain Registration of Nepali customers, we know our stuff. But, domains are only the first step; RhinoTheme has got your path to online success covered. A domain name is your web address, and they signify your online business, blog, or eCommerce site. So, your Domain name is a significant driver in having a successful web presence.

When you register your domain with us, you’re in good hands. We partner with all foremost domain accreditation authorities to make the process easy. Once you register your domain, you can start building your brand online.

The domain name should choose with care and needs to be short and easy to remember and pronounce, and has to represent your business or brand. We offer incredibly competitive pricing on domain registration with tools and register and maintain on your behalf.

Web Hosting Service

With more than 15+ years under our belt helping small businesses get online, we know a thing or two about web hosting. Our web hosting solutions are fast, reliable, and offer rock-solid security.

Our web hosting packages are priced to make it affordable for your business to have an online presence. RhinoTheme also offers a monthly package deal to combine a custom-designed website with hosting. Our most popular deal includes the business package with the custom website; it requires one upfront payment with a set monthly cost ongoing for 12 months. Please speak to us for pricing today.

One-click installs make it easy for anyone in your business to manage your site. Whether your site is an eCommerce site or Business Services site, we have experience in all types of websites. If you’re currently with another web host, we will transfer your website for free, and on top of that, you can transfer any domain name FREE until renewal. Want SSL? Add a SSL certificate at checkout to encrypt your site’s data during transfer and give your customers peace of mind.

Custom Website Design

RhinoTheme specializes in providing custom website design to enhance user experience and create tangible revenue growth. Our design team combines technical skill with creative flair. The custom web team works with you to gain an understanding of your business and marketing plans.

We work to not only where your business is at now, but what your business goals are in the future. With a strong custom and responsive web design, you can reach these goals faster. Never undervalue how much your website can make a difference in your company’s growth. Our team develops a plan based on your business market and audience. Working with your website users at the forefront of their design.

As a leading web design agency, we are always upskilling our team and working to deliver the best practice web solutions to our clients. We love what we do and you will love the results we deliver to your business. Speak to our web team today and discover a better solution.